Happy International Hypnotism day!!

Hello all,

My name is Robel and I am the admin on the website fhand.com. I know that I don’t usually send emails but what is a more perfect day than July the 4th to do just that? I am sending you this message to remind you of the features we have here at fhandn.com and the community we want to build. Also I would like to say what being active might mean to you.


FHandN.com was built because of the fact that there are a lot of resources, even videos and Mp3 recordings, over the web. These resources are free! The only problem is that they are scattered all over the place and therefore they are hard to find. At FHandN.com we want to build a community that collects all these hypnosis videos, Mp3 recording and much more so that they are easier to be accessed. If all who browse for free YouTube videos about hypnosis can share the videos they thought were helpful and others do the same, everyone will be able to get more and more out of Fhandn.com.

The website gives all the opportunity to comment so we can discuss what is shared in the videos. You can also make it so that your comment is posted with your Facebook account, which will help the website grow even more.

Be more active! Share videos you think are helpful and make the community where quality substance is located.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a hypnotist, advanced or a beginner, this means that you can always find something interesting from other hypnotists. You will be able to challenge other peoples’ way of doing hypnosis and learn from it. You can always find new material online from the growing hypnosis community that is spending a lot of time and effort on YouTube.

Be more active. Watch videos, comment & share the content as that will also help the site grow more. The more people we have in the community the better it will be.


Thank you for reading this message.

This is Robel, happy World hypnotism day once again.